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I understand how hard it is to go into a therapist's office and share your story with a complete stranger. My goal is to make that feel less scary. I like to build trust, to move at your speed, and to be an actual person in the room with you. Together we will focus on your resilience and strengths. I work with a wide variety of people, and have a special interest in working with teens, young adults, and full blown grownups struggling with life transitions. If you feel that something is missing or needs to change, reach out. I can help.

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2730 Wilshire Blvd

Suite #660

Santa Monica CA 90403

T: (424) 501-4332

E: hello@meaganbtherapy.com


Meagan Blatter, M.S.Ed.

Registered Associate Professional

Clinical Counselor #4783

Employed & Supervised by

Angela Aiello, LMFT #45128

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