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Art by Mikenzi Jones  @kenzistudioco

"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences."
Audre Lorde

LGBTQIA2S+ & Neurodiversity Affirming

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Inclusivity is a core value of my practice and I recognize it as a continual process of learning, engaging, and listening to members of marginalized communities. I work to be an anti-racist, anti-ableist, non-pathologizing practitioner, and to create a welcoming and collaborative space for people of any race, socioeconomic class, neurotype, gender or sexuality. 

My commitment to inclusivity means: 

  • I will be open-minded, nonjudgemental and accepting.

  • I will not conceptualize human beings as disordered or defective, with deficits.

  • I will not assume to know your experience or believe it to be the same as others. 

  • I will honor and respect your way of moving through the world and what it’s like to be you in our world.

  • I will actively strive to inform myself on issues related to identities other than my own.

  • I will hold myself accountable by unpacking my identity and privileges in the world. ​

  • I will not assume every problem or struggle you face is related to your race, class, neurotype, gender, or sexuality.

  • I will respect your beliefs about religion and spirituality. 

  • I will continue to seek knowledge and deepen my understanding of racism, oppression and intolerance in our society.

  • I will always support your rights to have a healthy, contented life; complete bodily autonomy; a safe, secure family; educational and work opportunities without discrimination or harassment; and caring, functional relationships.

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