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  • Meagan Blatter

Be your own hero

This morning in yoga class, while we were in “hero” pose, the yoga teacher had us focus on a hero figure in our lives. Her hero, she said, was herself. She encouraged us to see ourselves as our own heroes too. This got me thinking about ways we can be heroes to ourselves... Like by practicing self care (like yoga, for me). Or by practicing self advocacy. Or by being courageous. Basically, I realized how important it is to take the time, in the midst of our too busy lives, to really show up for ourselves. To engage in your own life. To be present. To be authentic. To be resilient. In EMDR therapy, clients are asked to build their resource team — the nurturing figure, the protective figure, the wise figure — and one of those team members can be your adult self. That’s being a hero to yourself. Being your own resource. Do you want to practice being your own hero? Reach out. I can help. -M


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