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Sometimes life feels totally un-manageable.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

This is you. You probably even felt this way at some point today. For one reason or another, it feels like you have lost control. You're in over your head. You've lost your compass. You're feeling under-confident and overwhelmed.


Maybe you have gone through a big transition. You're a new parent who is struggling with all the new responsibilities and the massive disruption to your life. You're a recent graduate who's totally freaking out about the future and the unknown and everything you're leaving behind. You're an actor or a musician who just arrived in L.A. or just got your big break, and you don't entirely know how to navigate this new terrain.


Maybe you have suffered a big loss. A family member, friend, or companion animal you love died. Your relationship or marriage ended. You sustained a debilitating injury or illness. You were laid off from your job.


Maybe you've recently experienced a profound transformation. You found new romance or just got married. You received a big promotion or started a new career. You stopped smoking or drinking. You came out to your family, friends, community, etc. You had a life saving surgery or went into remission.

This is your life.

Transition.  Loss.  Transformation.

This is where I tell you I CAN HELP. I specialize in working with teens, young adults, and adults who are experiencing transition, loss, and transformation. Like you. I understand feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and frightened by life's unpredictability. I realize that new doesn't necessarily always feel like it's better. I get it. Maybe you doubt it will ever get any easier. It will. You can tell me your story. You can begin to heal; begin to change; begin to grow. I can help. I will hear you and connect with you. I will teach you new coping skills. I will show you how to strengthen your resilience and your emotional health. I will support you in your grief. We will work together to make your life more manageable. I promise.


Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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