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I believe that we need to connect with ourselves if we want our lives to feel better and more in our control.

It's easy to become disconnected from the flow of life and the signals and signs being transmitted. We are often too consumed with our technology and too busy multi-tasking to check in with our inner selves. We are so driven by external expectations that we tend to neglect our own internal compass. We become reactive and ungrounded.

I think it's important that we strive to slow it all down and learn to communicate with ourselves, to quiet our self judgements and our imperatives. I have faith that therapy can create space for us to realize our feelings and instincts, and teach us to speak the language of our own intuition.

My primary focus in my practice is to help people tune in to their authentic selves, become aware of what is really going on in their minds and bodies, and foster their connections.


On a slightly different note, here's some of the information you were probably expecting to see here: 


I grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York. Animals and nature are two of my favorite things in life. I believe they hold wisdom that can and should be shared. I continue to be a student of both. I'm a natural care-taker -- it's the thing I've always been good at for as long as I can remember. I have cared for children, pets, and plants for many years. I also deeply love music, dance and yoga. They are my tools for self-care. They help me keep my life feeling manageable and myself connected.

I have practiced counseling in the clinical environment since 2014. I trained as an associate counselor at Southern California Counseling Center in Mid-City for 3.5 years. While at SCCC I provided individual, couples, and teen counseling to clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I am currently accepting new clients from all walks of life in my private practice. I am Level 1 TRM® trained through the Trauma Resource Institute and am trained in Attachment-Based EMDR™ through EMDRIA. I have completed the Foundation Training NeuroAffective Touch with Dr. Aline LaPierre the creator of NeuroAffective Touch.  

Before moving to Los Angeles, I practiced at a clinic in the Bronx where I worked with people who experienced various mental health issues, who were combating substance abuse, and who were coping with severe socio-economic disadvantages. I also counseled children struggling with behaviors related to emotional dysregulation and impulse control growing up in economic poverty. 


I have a Masters Degree of Science in Education for Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College in NYC. I received my Bachelors Degree in Heath Sciences from Russell Sage College in Albany, NY. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

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